Who am I?

Nedelcu Photography Boston fine-art weddings lead photographer


I’m Daniel.

I love it when a moment of pure, unprovoked passion happens in front of my lens. Those seconds in between the posed stuff, of belly laughter, a reassuring smile, a quiet outstretched hand and the squeeze that comes after.

The happy tears, the big surprise, the tender stolen kiss and the unexpected. The stuff you don’t think about, the stuff that just… happens.

Those are the photos that will make you smile, now and ten years from now. Those are the ones that bring back the feelings of love and pure happiness you radiate out on your wedding day.

Those are the moments that I am passionate about, that make me fall in love with my job over again every time.


It is timeless memories of these precious moments that I want to gift to you to smile over and to love in years to come. I capture images that your granddaughter will be wowed to discover in the attic one day.