Boston Rustic Wedding at Bittersweet Farm: K & Z

So how do I go about describing one of my favorite weddings? There was the love, and then there were the smiles, the bliss and the joy we witnessed throughout the whole day as Keren and Zach got married… yet I think this peek into a most intimate and delicate moment pretty much sums it all up much better than words.

2012-09-01 - Keren & Zach portraits - 109_blog
Anyways, let’s start from the beginning. The getting ready was fun, and Matt captured the guys while I was with the girls.
2012-09-01 - Keren & Zach getting ready - 002_blog
2012-09-01 - Keren & Zach portraits - 016_blog
2012-09-01 - Keren & Zach getting ready - 147_blog
2012-09-01 - Keren & Zach getting ready - 016-2_blog
Bittersweet Farm Wedding
And now, let the party begin!