Boston Back Bay Proposal: S & E at Erbaluce

I love my ninja proposals – I love to capture the genuine happiness while remaining stealthy and unnoticed to not interfere with the moment. After seeing the proposal I shot for a friend of his, Selom immediately contacted me about photographing his own proposal to Emily! We chatted about “the day” that he would propose – where, how, when, what she should wear, what he would be wearing, what they’ll be doing. You know, the usual. He wanted it to be at a place very dear to both of them – the amazing Erbaluce in Boston’s Back Bay. I was SOOOO excited that I got to be there to witness their special moment, and even more excited to be involved in it. We found the perfect spot in a cute alleyway right outside the restaurant. When “the day” arrived, Selom went down on one knee, and she instantly said “Hell Yeah!!!”

And of course, there must be bubbles to celebrate!
We couldn’t let this fabulous night pass without stopping by the Christmas tree that has just been lit at the Boston Common…
I’m so happy for you, congratulations to both of you!